1. 2headedsnake:


    Wynn Bullock, Sun, Photogram, 1970

  3. the-star-stuff:

    Two more Tattooine-like planets discovered orbiting double suns

    Kepler-34b and Kepler-35b are two new examples of so-called circumbinary planets, joining the previously discovered Kepler-16b. In both of these new star systems, the double suns orbit each other, and the planets orbit the combined gravitational field of the two stars.

    (A GIF I made from the video here.)

    (via likeaphysicist)

  4. jtotheizzoe:

    A 6-month exposure of the path of the Sun

    Recorded using a pinhole camera between the summer and winter solstice in 2011.

    (by New Forest Observatory)

  5. cwnl:

    Solar Negative

    Copyright: César Cantú

    (Source: afro-dominicano)

  7. dvdp:

    Complete time-lapse video of the Sun, spanning the entire months of September, October and November 2011 as seen through the SWAP ultraviolet instrument onboard the European Space Agency spacecraft Proba-2.

    (via itsfullofstars)